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Ryusendo Cave's Traditional Summer Festival

Every summer we sell our highlight of the event – the "Iwaizumi Tankaku Wagyu (shorhorn breed beef) BBQ set", which you can readily enjoy at the nearby BBQ sites, free of the bother of preparation or BBQ cleaning. We also offer grilled dishes of Iwaizumi specialtiesi, such as lightly-salted river fish, skewered rice cakes and Dengaku (sweet miso-coated bean curd). Try this! Post your snaps of Ryusendo onto SNS and enjoy a free gift bottle of our very popular Iwaizumi Drinking Yogurt! See stage performances of regional entertainments, such as Nakano Nanazu Mai dance – and variety of musical pieces. Just like the spring time this year, mochi-maki (rice-cake throwing) will be carried out again and couples are invited to join in.

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Ryusendo Cave's Traditional Spring Festival

Iwaizumi is rightly proud of its enthusiastically patronized traditional acts, including the Nanbu Ushioi Uta (Nanbu cowboy song) and the Nakano Nanazu Mai dance. Already scheduled for this year is the Iwate Marugoto Omotenashi-tai (Iwate Wholesome Hospitality Corps). As well, the Spring Festival's super deals include a Mochi-maki event with prizes, where the first 300 visitors enjoy a free tasting of the ever-popular "Iwaizumi Drinking Yogurt"! Ryusendo, officially designated a "Sacred Place for Lovers", also offers a top-value, couples-only package that includes taking part in rice-cake throwing. We warmly invite you to share the fun at Ryusendo Cave's biggest festival of the year!

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Four Festivals


Ryusendo Cave Festival

Known in the old days as the Shizugawa Shrine Festival, today's Ryusendo Cave Festival celebrates gratitude for the crystal-clear water springing out of the Cave, while offering prayers for the continuing protection of these water resources – and conveying a spirit of appreciation for the forest that nurtures this gift of water.
The events include a safety prayer ceremony to express gratitude for the purity of Ryusendo Cave's water, performances of the town's distinctive folk entertainment, and Mochi-maki (tossing rice-cakes together with noveties among guests).
Being held in the Golden Week, the festival becomes very crowded with throngs of tourists, as well as locals.


Ryusendo Cave Summer Festival

The summer festival's biggest attraction is its Grill, where you can enjoy Iwaizumi's famous specialty – Iwaizumi Tankaku-gyu (Iwaizumi shorthorn beef). This Grill is so popular that eager visitors begin queuing up even before it opens!
Other program inclusions are a special guided tour by a researcher(s) of the Speleology Research Institute, folkloric performances and also live music. All the while, Iwaizumi Town's specialty produce will be sold by the town's traders.
In recent years, there have been marketing programs such as social networking service (SNS) incentive promotions to encourage visitor referrals to Ryusendo.


Ryusendo Cave Autumn Festival

Jointly organized by Iwaizumi Town's "Matsutake (pine mushroom) Huts (producer outlets)" and the "Oyster Huts" of Yamada Town, Ryusendo is where you can enjoy these autumnal delicacies. The town's other vendors also sell unique autumnal dishes, such as salmon soup and mushrooms.
In addition, the program includes a special guide by a researcher(s) of the Speleology Research Institute, the performances of the folk art/entertainment and also music playing.
In recent years, in cooperation with the Rest House and Café Ponte, we sell specialty products of Iwaizumi and Yamada, and provide special menu dishes.


Ryusendo Cave Water Festival

Bringing together the efforts of more than 1,000 locals, ranging from the town's children to the elderly, this event celebrates the gift of Iwaizumi's rich water treasure.
A real highlight is the sight of young men in loincloths brave the severe winter cold and pause at various town locations to drench themselves as they carry water to the town center.
In addition, as part of their coming-of-age ceremony, local junior high students carry on their shoulders a 30-m long dragon all the way to the town center as a way of demonstrating to the townsfolk that they have the strength of adults.
In recent years, we also staged such events as a fast-eating competition involving Iwaizumi Town's regional cuisine.

Regular Events at Ryusendo Cave

Illuminations Limited to the Winter Season

We tastefully adorn the area around Ryusendo's park and also the cave itself with eye-catching illuminations. The First Underground Lake is illuminated to give the illusion of a romantic blue tunnel, and in the park the dragon on the bridge or large icicles above the arch of the bridge are illuminated to create the most fantastic scenery.

December 1 to December 31 ※ It may be extended.

Ryusendo Cave Great Adventure

This adventure activity plan involves looking for the key to treasure hidden in Ryusendo Cave while also solving riddles.
Find the key, open a treasure chest – and discover the wonderful treasure waiting for you!
If you want, you can bring in a secret gift and hide it – an ideal birthday treat for a child or an anniversary surprise for friends and couples.
Courses and riddles are different year by year, and there are courses such as "a children's course", "an adults' courses", and "a couple's course".

Mid-December to late March

Bat Watching

It can be hard to find hibernating bats, even though they may be hanging just close by.
During this hibernation period only, a special staff guide shows you the bat's secret whereabouts in the cave.

Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays from December 1 to March 31.
Session (1) from 11 am, and Session (2) from 2 pm

Cave Concert

Taking full advantage of the cave's acoustic effects, various concerts have been performed.
Thus far, a wide variety of music genres have been staged, for example, flamenco, violin, ocarina, and even whistling. The cave's fantastic space – as well as its beautiful acoustics – greatly impressed both visitors and performers alike.

One or two days between mid-February to mid-March.

Photo Exhibition

Collecting photos of Ryusendo Cave under a new theme determined each year, we display rare and unusual images.
Previous exhibitions have shown photos of Ryusendo Cave in the old days, areas of the cave not accessible to the public, etc.
Each of these different annual themes help visitors to enjoy the hidden charms of Ryusendo Cave.

February 1 to late March

New Year Hospitality

Over the first three days of the New Year, we present a nice treat to visitors to Ryusendo Cave The three kinds of treat – Happai-tofu (a bean-curd dish from the Edo period), sweet adzuki bean soup with cakes, and hot milk – are all free.

January 1 to January 3

Ryusendo Cave Winter Events

As well as the usual attractions, we hold a variety of events to draw in tourists in the winter season.
These events are designed around winter's features, and include collaborative projects involving other organizations and treasure hunting.

Early December to late March

Sacred Place for Lovers

Among the nation's sightseeing sites, a romantic spot specially favoured for marriage proposals is nominated as a ”Sacred Place for Lovers”.
Among these is ”Ryusendo Cave” and ”Hakkoi-mizu (first love water) and Hyakkoi-mizu (100 love water)” locations in the nearby Ureira Shopping District.