Parkland Facilities

Ryusendo Cave Tourist Center

This facility is located just on the right side of Ryusendo Cave Bridge leading to your destination, Ryusendo Cave. This multipurpose building works as a ticket office, restaurant, and free rest lounge.



The souvenir shop sells goods and products associated with Ryusendo Cave and Iwaizumi, and there is a restaurant adjoining it.

The restaurant features dishes using Iwaizumi produce and there is a seasonal menu. In a good seasons, the terrace seats are very popular.

Rest Lounge

The second floor is a rest lounge, where you can relax in a chair, which like the tables, is made from local Iwaizumi timber.

The tea and water servers are for your use, free of charge During the prime tourist season, we have a big-screen showing of a video about Ryusendo Cave in the rest lounge on the second floor. In winter season, a photo exhibition displays precious photos, including the bats and views of old Ryusendo.

Tourism Association

There is a section on the second floor where you can find the office of Iwaizumi Town's tourism association.


This is the staff office

We try to assist visitors by providing tourist information, storing lost and found items, and by looking after their pets.



The Café Ponte was renovated and reopened in 2014.
”Ponte” means ”bridge” in Italian. The "Hakkoi Soft (First Love soft ice cream)" made from Iwaizumi yoghurt is always a favourite.
Be sure not to miss the dinner menu that change with each season, Iwaizumi's popular yogurt products, and drinks featuring water from Ryusendo Cave.
In the summer season, terrace seating is popular. There, you can have a relaxing break watching the passing stream of Shizu River.

Store lighting
PONTE Popular pilaf

Four Seasons at Ryusendo Cave

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