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Prohibited Matters

Entering Precautions

Barrier-Free Information

「Toilets for the Disabled」

One is located within the park, and the other is on the second floor of the Tourist Center.

「Visitors in Wheelchairs」

A visitor arriving in a wheelchair can enter the cave providing the following conditions are agreed to.

① After reaching the two-thirds point of the journey (just before the underground lake), which is where the staircase starts, you must return by the same route (partly in reverse mode) to the cave entrance.

② Before starting, you must change to our wheelchair in the office, because it is impossible for a normal wheelchair to negotiate some of the cave's very narrow passages.
(Wheelchairs available at the office: 2 chairs)

③ In the busy season, when the tour route become one-way only, you may have to wait until it less congested so that you can make a return trip (partly by going backwards in reverse mode) along the original route to the exit.

Note: busy season's most congested hours: Around 10:00 am – 2.00 pm

「Lending Walking Sticks」

The Ryusendo office also lend walking sticks to make it easier to walk in the cave.

「Electric Chair for Rest Lounge」

An electric chair is avaialble for anyone finding it difficult to go up to the second floor of the Tourist Center.

Visitors Accompanied by Pets

Pets are prohibited from entering the cave.

A visitor's pet may be left at the office, but we appreciate some consideration (e.g., bring it in a cage) since we often look after numerous pets at one time.

Also, please contact us in advance if the pet is large or you have multiple pets, etc.


Ryusendo Cave Office

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